Art Evelyn Wilhelm


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Oil, varnish on fiberglass
with stainless steel frame
Öl, Lack auf Fiberglas 
mit Edelstahlrahmen
Varnish on fiberglass, framed by a stainless steel frame of four centimeters. The materials, which are originally from an industrial environment, are the carrier. Fiberglass itself is initially a soft fiber tissue that hardens after treatment with a two-component. It then gets transparent. Stainless steel and fiberglass - materials that exude coldness - a massive stainless steel frame that creates narrowness. The depth and heaviness of the frame are giving the paintings a physicality. It almost becomes an object that could stand in the room for itself. Curtain fabric as a first print. The subjects are „drawn“ with acrylic based varnish paint by dripping technique. My interest in the dripping technique is the uncontrollable circumstances, the interplay between control and let it flow.
Der vier centimeter breite Edelstahlrahmen, indem die behandelte Glasfassermatte eingebunden sind, ist die „Leinwand“. Auf die „Leinwand“ kommt der Vorhangstoff als Druckvorlage. Die Motive werden mit Acryllack durch Drippingtechnik „gezeichnet“. Bei der Drippingtechnik ist es das Unvorhersehbare, das Wechselspiel zwischen Kontrolle und Fliessenlassen, das mich interessiert.